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About us

Who we are and why we do what we do...

Mabuhay Bikes is operated by motorcycle enthusiasts with the goal to show you the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of a biker.

Mabuhay Bikes are Jean + Matthias and of course our branches who will serve you reagarding our bike rental. With the spirit to riding bikes and the affiliation to the Philippines, the idea was born to show this to our visitors and guests. We speak English, German and Tagalog, so that we can serve you in the language you prefer, even if English is our main company and tour language, we try to make it always as comfortable as possible and language barriers should be never an issue.

There are many ways to discover the Philippines, by bus, tricycle, jeepney or even by foot, but nothing makes you more free than to ride your bike to the exciting places. We know what we are talking about because we regularly ride these roads and know the amazing feeling you will experience from doing so with us.

The idea was born as we got asked how to see more than just the tourist spots and how to do this on a motorcycle or scooter. As we found out there are not so much possibilities to do so, especially if you try to do it with your own bike, we started to make it possible. We decided to make it for all easy and affordable. Our bikes are in perfect condition and should a problem happen, parts are readily available throughout the country, so that they can be easily and promptly fixed just about anywhere. To minimize problems on our tours we decided to ride not with brand new bikes bikes, but we promise you that you get the right maintained bike and you will never experience big problems. We have on staff a mechanic that gives the bikes a thorough dress down before and upon return from the tour or rental, so that you can be sure you will enjoy your trip on exciting and safe bikes.

“Mabuhay” means “Welcome”, and this is what we want to do for you soon on one of our tours. 

Your Mabuhay Bikes Team